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New & Upcoming

Martha is incredibly excited to announce that she will play the role of English socialite Lady Caroline Laney in Struts and Frets Theatre Company's upcoming production of Dear Brutus. Written by J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan) and inspired by William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dear Brutus follows the antics of a group of strangers, brought together under mysterious circumstances, as they venture into an enchanted wood. In the forest, fates are reversed and all manner of magical mischief ensues! 

Struts and Frets Theatre Company is based out of Rickreall, Oregon and specializes in text based and experimental productions of Shakespeare's work and modern classics. 

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Meet Scarlett! 

A Virgo with some serious Capricorn tendencies and the founder of Misfits, a support group where women in their 20s can find community! 

Created by actor/director Grace Van Dien (Greenhouse Academy, The Village), "Misfits" focuses on a group of girls navigating the ins and outs of quarantine and finding yourself as a woman in your 20s! 

The show, filmed entirely in quarantine, will feature the talents of Grace Van Dien, Dana Melanie (Greenhouse Academy, Wild Nights With Emily), Reina Hardesty (The Flash, Brockmire), Halleta Alemu (Baby Daddy, Stupor), and Satya Mai (Axium Effect, Pacific Park)

"Misfits" will stream on InstagramTV!

Check out @misfits_online for more info! 

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