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Long-haired chaos goblin. Taurus™️. 

Martha Thatcher 
Actor | Writer | Creator

Martha Thatcher is an American stage & screen actor, writer, singer, and creator based in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in grounded portrayals of odd, eccentric, excitable, socially divergent, and eclectic characters. 

From Martha's 2022 VoyageLA Interview: 

"Wild, willful, strange, intelligent, empowered, empowering women have happily become my bread and butter. There is a special kind of joy in playing characters at odds or dissonance with the world around them – A kind of freedom to play outside of the boundaries of societal convention. You can keep Romeo and Juliet – I’ll take Mercutio any day."

Passions: Queer & queer-coded characters,  Physically demanding roles (Combat, comedy, charictarisation), Secret weirdos (Strong social mask with secret ulterior motives and a rich internal life? Yes, please!)

Secret Super Power: Dialect work (Please let me use an accent, I'm begging you)

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